Our T2S strategy

With a direct connection to T2S, SIX SIS Ltd makes the settlement of Swiss and Liechtenstein securities in CeBM available for all T2S users.

Our strategy is aligned to the needs and priorities of our customers. CeBM settlement, providing seamless access to all T2S markets as well as minimizing both the technical and operational impact for clients are key priorities for SIX SIS Ltd.

Providing easy access to international collateral pools and Swiss SNB multi-currency repo facilities, further developing our existing high-value service proposition, leveraging our service excellence and competitive pricing are an integral part of our strategy.

Building on existing strengths and current expertise in 66 markets worldwide, we plan to meet the specific requirements of our globally active clients by offering tailored T2S solutions.

Clients have the possibility to choose between the two T2S connectivity models and our Cash and Securities account models.

Our additional Account Operator offering guarantees the greatest flexibility for our clients in order to accommodate their individual business needs.

Our concept for T2S

SIX Securities Services has opted for a direct connection to T2S. This direct connection to T2S will be from Switzerland through SIX SIS Ltd (the CSD for Switzerland).

This means that the SIX SIS Ltd issuer CSD business will be part of T2S, paving the way for Swiss and Liechtenstein securities to be settled in CeBM and made available for all T2S participants.

The participation of the Swiss market in T2S is an important part of the Swiss Value Chain Strategy of SIX.

As a consequence, from the outset of the project, SIX SIS Ltd has taken an active role in the constitution of T2S by sending permanent representatives to the T2S committees and to meetings with the ECB. In this way, SIX Securities Services and SIX SIS Ltd have protected the interests of Switzerland’s financial industry and market participants.