As the services the industry provides become increasingly commoditized – clearing, settlement, custody, collateral management, fund processing are just some cases in point – new and more nimble players are entering the spaces the industry once defined.

The challenge for post-trade service providers is to establish a coherent set of strategies that ensure continued growth in value for their clients and, ultimately, the end investor. Is this a realistic goal for the industry to achieve?

On Thursday, 7 December 2017, SIX Securities Services hosted another edition of its Post-Trade Forum in London. The question of how the post-trade industry can continue to grow in value for its clients and, ultimately, the end investor was discussed and debated together with industry participants and opinion leaders. With Brexit on the horizon, an explosion in alternative technologies, a rise in global market optimism and growing pressures to continue to manage costs, is this a realistic goal for the industry to achieve?

Recent research by SIX Securities Services confirms that this is a central concern for the industry: 67% of those surveyed agree that post-trade service providers will need to focus on new service creation and revenue opportunities by 2027, if they are to continue creating value beyond being “simply operational”.

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