As the services our industry provides become increasingly commoditized – clearing, settlement, custody, collateral management, fund processing are just some cases in point – new and more nimble players are entering the spaces the industry once defined and are now cherry-picking the high value business lines that the industry has worked hard to establish.

The challenge for infrastructure service providers is to establish a coherent set of strategies – business, technological and relational – that ensure continued growth in value for their clients, their clients’ clients and, ultimately, the end investor. Is this a realistic goal for the industry to achieve?

Helping you create real and sustainable added-value

The consequences of tightened regulation – opportunities for financial market infrastructure providers

New services from SIX help banks cut back on operational complexity, which results in sustainably reduced operational risks and costs. Additionally, these services allow banks to fully concentrate on their core business activities and strengths.

SIX Securities Services solves withholding tax issues for investors in Switzerland

Through its new Advanced Tax Services – Reclaim, SIX Securities Services has created a solution for Switzerland’s banks and investors to overcome the complex, country-specific and opaque processes that currently define reclaiming withholding taxes.

The search for truth: xChain, a collaborative platform for Corporate Actions

xChain relies on crowdsourcing to validate Corporate Actions announcements and to build a community-verified “single version of truth” for Corporate Actions.

SIX Securities Services

Post-Trade Forum

Join SIX Securities Services, one of Europe’s most innovative post-trade service providers, to discuss the “hunt for value” at the SIX Securities Services Post-Trade Forum.

7 December 2017
10:00 to 16:00
Grace Hal
147 Leadenhall Street
London, EC3V 4QT


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